Burioni Flexia Stirrups


The Burioni Flexia stirrups are the most advanced stirrups in the world. Try the Flex system now and boost your performance.

The Flex Effect
The effect of the flex is important for the rider’s balance and guarantees a proven increase in feeling during training sessions.

  • Front Flex
  • Back Flex
  • Safety Shape
  • Elliptical threads
  • Grip Matrix

The Safety Joints
Inside each stirrup we put something very special.
One Safety Joint and three stainless steel plugs, this ensures an incredible structural strength exactly where it is needed most.
Each Safety Joint is laser cutted and worked on the lathe for a perfect fit.

The New Grip Matrix
The grip of our treads is fully customizable according to the rider’s preferences. A kit is included with each pair of FleXia®.
With the allen key the rider can adjust each single grain and find the perfect feeling.

Dedicated Cages
FleXia® stirrups for Endurance have a removable cage tailored just to work perfectly with our flexible treads.
Made in solid and flexible Nylon, the cages represent a real innovation.