LAS XTB Endurance Helmet


The LAS XTB Endurece Helmet is made with In-Mold technology, the outer shell is co-molded with polystyrene in order to obtain a safer and lighter helmet.

* Sizes 51-58 and 59-61 with adjustable "EasyTour 3D System" system (Large size only in white, blue, black and matte black)
* 2 large ventilation holes covered with steel mesh embedded directly in the polystyrene to ensure optimal ventilation
* Weight: 390 grams
* Polycarbonate outer cover with multiple ventilation holes to keep the interior fresher
* Soft, adjustable polyester strap on the neck for a better fit
* Removable and washable inner lining, made of breathable Sanitized® material
* Homologation VG1040 2014-12