Tech Stirrups Technical Socks


The Tech Stirrups Technical socks have been conceived to support muscles and provide riders with the best comfort. They have been woven with a special breathable fabric to keep your feet dry even in case of prolonged use.

Provided with an elastic band on the top and enhanced by a special support stitching, they remain in position perfectly, granting maximum freedom of movement at the same time.

The massaging bands wrapping around the calf have been specifically designed to relieve muscular stress due to prolonged riding posture, while the special reinforcements in the most critical areas, where the boot bends and presses against the skin (inside of the calf, instep), prevent any collateral damage caused by rubbing.
To provide riders with the best comfort, both toe and ankle areas are equipped with an additional padding.


Color: Black

S - 37-39
M - 40-42
L - 43-46